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Rectal Cancer
Master Ho Peng - 85 years old (30 years)

Master Ho Peng (1928-2013) was the founder of Persatuan Guolin Qigong Malaysia. In this video which was recorded in April 2012, Master Ho Peng not only shared his experience in fighting cancer by learning Guolin Qigong on his own, but also encouraged cancer patients and survivors to persevere with learning and practising it.

Master Ho Peng was inflicted with rectal cancer in 1982. He had a proctectomy done but no chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He learnt Guolin Qigong by himself and saved his own life. He said that Guolin Qigong was a new and reliable frontier in cancer treatment.  He hoped that cancer patients and survivors would practise qigong seriously and diligently.

We greatly appreciate Master Ho Peng’s selfless nature and effort in disseminating the knowledge of Guolin Qigong in Malaysia and founding Persatuan Guolin Qigong Malaysia.

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